Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our class agreement.

We have been doing a lot of thinking about rights and responsibilities. We have learned that with a right comes a responsibility, like we have the right to be happy and re have the responsibility to allow others to enjoy themselves. We have used our learning from making newspaper towers, baking, buddy time and our roles and responsibilities activities to come up with out class agreement. 

What a lot of thinking and learning and sharing of ideas!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What is Kotahitanga?

We have been doing a lot of talking about kotahitanga and decided it was about time we shared our class definition. Now we know we all mean the same thing!!
James is being kind and helping his buddy!

In Adventure 9 we think kotahitanga means:

  • Unity and togetherness
  • Friendship
  • Sharing
  • Teamwork
  • Looking out for each other

And we are going to show kotahitanga by:

  • Helping others
  • Being trustworthy
  • Sharing resources like the glue
  • Taking care of others
  • Being kind - play with others, include people in our games

Harriet is taking care of her buddy!
Abby is helping her buddy!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cooking, mixing and yumminess!

We are learning all about working together in the classroom. We are learning to show kotahitanga. In groups we did some baking. Each person in the group had a role and we were all necessary for the baking to be successful. We made lolly-cake, rocky road and chocolate truffles. After we had finished the baking Kerri put our goodies in the fridge to set, we got to taste them all. Yummy!! The chocolate truffles and lolly-cake were the favourites!

This is what we noticed:

  • We enjoyed having roles and all felt successful, even if we were the dish washer or the taster
  • Having roles was very good because there was no fighting (Abby, Harriet)
  • We had people help us with our jobs and that made our team work better (Jayden)
  • Everybody helped (Gaby)
  • We felt like we are helping the other people and are part of a team (James)
  • We are part of a team and all really important becasue we all have jobs (Max)
  • You have to take responsibility and do your job (Abby)
  • You have to do your job the best you can to support the team (Jayden), you don't want to let the team down. 
  • The recipe might not work if you don't do your job right. (Memphis) Each job was important.
  • Having a job, people did their job well and tried their best. Sometimes they asked for help and that was ok.

We have roles in the classroom and at school

Our roles at school

  • to learn
  • to meet new people
  • to strive for excellence and keep on going with our learning even when it is tricky
  • to think for ourselves and use our initiative. 
  • to make choices in our learning
  • to listen to our learning partners and teachers and take on board their suggestions 
  • we need to try new things and take risks in our learning

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Music with Jenny

We have had the privilege of having 2 music sessions with Jenny. We are making music with our voices and our bodies! We are having a great time and are growing in confidence as musicians!!

Hands on Homework (week 2)

Hands on Homework:
All About Me Bag...
What to do:

  • Fill the bag with 4 things that you can use to tell the class about yourself (only 4 things, no more, no less)
  • all of your objects have to fit in the bag (so you might have to be quite creative!)
  • Decorate the bag if you wish
  • Bring the bag to school on Friday and be prepared to share with the class.
What a great time we had sharing these in class. Thank you all for the thought and effort you put into creating your bags! We have learned a lot about each other.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Wow! what a great start to the year! what amazing kids we have in Adventure 9!!
We have started Itime during maths and reading. Children plan their own learning. They need to include in their planning when they are going to see the teacher and then they plan their must do's and can do's. This encourages learners to become self directed, plan their own learning and begin to take responsibility for their learning.
The children are buzzing, they love the choice and ability to pick their own path. Have a chat to your child and have them explain what we are doing and how it is working for them...
Here is a copy of our planning. Kids fill in the times using the planning board and choose what activities from the must dos and can dos they want to do. We are beginning to reflect on their learning at the end of the day and decide what was successful and what we need to practice.
So far so good!
Planning copy so children see when each group is to see the teacher

Copy the kids kill in

Newspaper Towers

WALT: work together as a group
Task: using the newspaper and sellotape provided we are trying to create the tallest free standing tower.
We are showing Unity and Togetherness (Kotahitanga)

We all have jobs, we are
working together!

We are listening to each other so
we can work together.
We are sharing ideas to
build the best tower.

We are working together to plan our tower. We have to listen teach other and work together to create our tower.

We liked
  • Trying our best
  • Working together
  • It was fun
We didn't like
  • when our ideas weren't listened to
  • People shouting
  • People hogging the newspaper and stuff.

We learned

  • Being bossy as a leader doesn't work, we have to talk and ask nicely and work together.
  • We are most successful when we share responsibility.
  • sharing ideas makes the best idea because you can grow ideas
  • working together means you can get finished, achieve your goal.

Look at out awesome towers!

Look at our tall tower!

Ohhh no! It's falling!

Our First Buddy Class

Adventure 9 went to visit our buddies, Busy Bees. Busy Bees is a class of year 1 students in room 3 and Vanessa is their teacher. Kerri read us a story about a crazy sheep who wanted a cool hair cut then we shared some of our favourite books with our buddies.

Flags with Room 6

WALT: show kotahitanga as we play flags

We are playing flags with 6sess. We are learning how to work as a team to play this new game. There are all sorts of tactics and strategies we have to work out. Most importantly we have to look out for each other and make sure some people are on defence and some are on attack.

We had a great game and learned a lot about how to play. Unfortunately we lost and Stephen and 6sess have to look after the trophy for a while.

We are looking forward to a rematch!
Lining up on the cones, ready to start!

Go Memphis! Run! 

Great tag Luke!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Henry Matisse Art

WALT: share our stories and ideas though art 
Purpose: to create a piece of art about me. We are going to use the ‘painting with scissors’ technique. This piece of art will share our story and help us get to know each other.
Success Criteria:

Here is Adventure 9 creating our Henry Matisse art. Come and check out our finished pieces in the classroom!