Sunday, 16 February 2014


Wow! what a great start to the year! what amazing kids we have in Adventure 9!!
We have started Itime during maths and reading. Children plan their own learning. They need to include in their planning when they are going to see the teacher and then they plan their must do's and can do's. This encourages learners to become self directed, plan their own learning and begin to take responsibility for their learning.
The children are buzzing, they love the choice and ability to pick their own path. Have a chat to your child and have them explain what we are doing and how it is working for them...
Here is a copy of our planning. Kids fill in the times using the planning board and choose what activities from the must dos and can dos they want to do. We are beginning to reflect on their learning at the end of the day and decide what was successful and what we need to practice.
So far so good!
Planning copy so children see when each group is to see the teacher

Copy the kids kill in


  1. Kia ora Adventure9, this is impressive learning! Organising your own day will definitely help you become more self directed and valued learners.

  2. I like itime because it keeps me organised.

  3. Hi Adventure 9
    I like I time because I get to choose what order I want my learning to be in.
    My favourite subject to do in class is reading because I like learning about interesting words so I can put them in my writing.

  4. This looks challenging taking responsibility for your learning. James thinks it's kind of tricky but will be fine when you have done it more and will help him to be organised.

  5. Wow Adventure 9, this looks like an awesome way to stay organised. Harriet thinks we should start a 'Must Do' and 'Can Do' list planner at home because she thinks it works so well in class. I'm very excited.

  6. Hi adventure 9 its good to sort our must dos and can dos.
    by harriet