Sunday, 16 February 2014

Newspaper Towers

WALT: work together as a group
Task: using the newspaper and sellotape provided we are trying to create the tallest free standing tower.
We are showing Unity and Togetherness (Kotahitanga)

We all have jobs, we are
working together!

We are listening to each other so
we can work together.
We are sharing ideas to
build the best tower.

We are working together to plan our tower. We have to listen teach other and work together to create our tower.

We liked
  • Trying our best
  • Working together
  • It was fun
We didn't like
  • when our ideas weren't listened to
  • People shouting
  • People hogging the newspaper and stuff.

We learned

  • Being bossy as a leader doesn't work, we have to talk and ask nicely and work together.
  • We are most successful when we share responsibility.
  • sharing ideas makes the best idea because you can grow ideas
  • working together means you can get finished, achieve your goal.

Look at out awesome towers!

Look at our tall tower!

Ohhh no! It's falling!


  1. This looks like a great way to learn how to show kotahitanga!! Working together isn't always easy, but it can help you reach your goals!! Thanks, Rosie!!

  2. Hi there your newspaper towers look amazing. You all look like you are working well together, i hope that you all had lots of fun.

    Connors mum

  3. Wow great newspaper towers.You are great at working together.
    Louise (Gracies mum)

  4. I liked making those towers because we showed kotahitanga and worked together

  5. This was really fun and good teamwork. (Libby) ��

  6. That's so awesome kids!! They look fantastic and it looks like you all have heaps of fun working together too. Karen (Libby's mum) ������������