Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cooking, mixing and yumminess!

We are learning all about working together in the classroom. We are learning to show kotahitanga. In groups we did some baking. Each person in the group had a role and we were all necessary for the baking to be successful. We made lolly-cake, rocky road and chocolate truffles. After we had finished the baking Kerri put our goodies in the fridge to set, we got to taste them all. Yummy!! The chocolate truffles and lolly-cake were the favourites!

This is what we noticed:

  • We enjoyed having roles and all felt successful, even if we were the dish washer or the taster
  • Having roles was very good because there was no fighting (Abby, Harriet)
  • We had people help us with our jobs and that made our team work better (Jayden)
  • Everybody helped (Gaby)
  • We felt like we are helping the other people and are part of a team (James)
  • We are part of a team and all really important becasue we all have jobs (Max)
  • You have to take responsibility and do your job (Abby)
  • You have to do your job the best you can to support the team (Jayden), you don't want to let the team down. 
  • The recipe might not work if you don't do your job right. (Memphis) Each job was important.
  • Having a job, people did their job well and tried their best. Sometimes they asked for help and that was ok.

We have roles in the classroom and at school

Our roles at school

  • to learn
  • to meet new people
  • to strive for excellence and keep on going with our learning even when it is tricky
  • to think for ourselves and use our initiative. 
  • to make choices in our learning
  • to listen to our learning partners and teachers and take on board their suggestions 
  • we need to try new things and take risks in our learning


  1. Kia Ora adventure9, I like the roles you have in your classroom! Making good choices and listening to others shows that you respect and value each other and your environment!! Kapai koutou...Rosie!

  2. Hi! adventure 9
    I like having rolls because no one fighted about what they wanted to do.
    Kerri was like ok thats your job and no one argued but if Kerri said you can cousie what you want to do then every one in the group will ague all about the jobs...
    From Abby

  3. Wow you guys have been busy... "where is mine?" Connor tells me it is all gone. I really like the way that you are working together to make the lolli cake.

  4. This looks like lots of fun. Thomas told me the truffles were the yummiest!