Monday, 24 March 2014

Art day...

Art Intensive Day

Tomorrow (Wednesday 26th March) we are lucky enough to have Rei Hendry (an Art Advisor) as part of our teaching team.  We will be exploring the properties of clay with the children, while making miniature models.  Your child will keep some clay models at school and will bring some home with them.  In order to transport these between school and home, please send an ice-cream container (with lid), a shoebox (with lid) or something similar.  Each child also needs an A5 piece of cardboard.  If you have a spare cereal box, please send this along for us to cut up. Many thanks

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hands on Homework

We are having some exciting art teaching and learning at school this week. For hands on homework have some fun learning about some of your families favourite art. Why is it special to your family? Who created it? What type of art is it? 
Perhaps you could visit  Te Manawa and the Art Gallery.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Loving the Hub!

We go to the Library every week and we use this time to exchange our library books. We use I Pick to help us books that are just for us!
We enjoy sharing the cool books we have found

Qwade is finding a quiet space
to 'read to self'

Sometimes we are reading, sometimes we are choosing.
We love the  hub!
Kayla and Tayla enjoying reading together

Sometimes we use our hub time to present and share our hand on homework. It is a fantastic place for learning!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Flags Champions!

Finally, after 4 long weeks of trying Adventure 9 are the flags champions. We have learned a lot about teamwork during this game and how we ALL have to pay attention and try our very best!
Player of the Day: Sam for fabulous defence. Sam played his heart out, tagging people left and right, you stopped heaps of goals.
Honourable Mention: Thomas for fabulous defence. Thomas you are a quiet worker behind the scenes defender who is always in the right place.
Receiving the trophy! Yeah Sam, Player of the day!!

A very happy Adventure 9. A team effort!!

The trophy on display in Adventure 9.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Hands on Homework

We have been training hard for swimming...

This weeks hands on homework task is to keep working on your fitness...
Each night do some physical activity, playing outside or training for a sport, walking the dog, playing on the trampoline, riding your bike or scooter... 

Enjoy the summer evenings outside!

Buddy Class

We are getting to know our little buddies and showing kotahitanga. We have created posters to show us and our buddies.
This is what we came up with...

What do you think?