Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Flags Champions!

Finally, after 4 long weeks of trying Adventure 9 are the flags champions. We have learned a lot about teamwork during this game and how we ALL have to pay attention and try our very best!
Player of the Day: Sam for fabulous defence. Sam played his heart out, tagging people left and right, you stopped heaps of goals.
Honourable Mention: Thomas for fabulous defence. Thomas you are a quiet worker behind the scenes defender who is always in the right place.
Receiving the trophy! Yeah Sam, Player of the day!!

A very happy Adventure 9. A team effort!!

The trophy on display in Adventure 9.


  1. Well done everyone, i must say the buzz after you won was pretty good to hear, and you all worked well as a team to win.

  2. Anana!!(chur), ka rawe koutou ma!! Great work you guys!! Love the photo Qwade you look like a real champion with your amazing class!! Please look after Qwade this week because I havn't been at home!! Take care, Rosie

  3. Congratulations Room 9. What a great photo of you all. Thomas, you are a great defender in soccer and hockey too, keep up the good work!

  4. Good job Sam!
    You have been player of the day so many times now! You must be so speady like a tiger! I tried running with the ball but people keep taging me.
    From Abby

  5. Hi Adventure 9 the last five weeks have been so much.My favourite thing to do in the class is reading because then I get to learn about the story and all the interesting words I can put in my writing.
    I hope you like my comment!!!

  6. SAM U WHERE AWESOME gg.but i wonder why are team was winning when i joined the defenders thats just sad.

    1. We cannot win without great defenders to help protect our line! Great defending and thanks for your help Qwade!