Thursday, 22 May 2014


We are learning about integrity. We are practising showing integrity at home, at school, at sport…wherever we are!
We think integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. We can also show integrity by owning up if we make a mistake!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reading - word cloud

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We are learning about key words. A key is something that unlocks things. 
A key word is a word that unlocks the meaning of a sentence. It helps you to understand the sentence.
WALT: find the key words in our reading to help us understand the text.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Potential and Kinetic Energy

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We are learning about potential and kinetic energy this week. Check out the cool video to see what we are learning about, so far we have only watched the first bit.

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We are learning how potential energy can become kinetic energy, the energy of movement.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ice cream in Adventure 9

Making Ice Cream
  • The cream (warm) is going to get cold...freeze (because the warm is going to flow to the cold)
  • The ice (solid) is going to melt.
  • The cream and Ice will end up the same temperature because everything wants to be the same.
  • We used 1 cup of milk and 1/2 a cup of cream instead of 2 cups of milk.
  • We only had about 2 cups of ice per group.
Adventure 9 are exploring Ice cream
  • The ice cream kind of looked like it was from the factory (Juven)
  • The ice cream was colder and thicker than at the start, but not as thick and solid as the ice cream you buy (Thomas)... perhaps we didn’t have enough ice.
  • The ice cream taste like frozen chocolate milk (Yassmine)
  • Some of the ice cream was still runny and some was frozen hard solid (Helen)
  • There were lumps of the ingredients in some places...perhaps we need to mix it more.
  • The cream was doing work on the ice...the cream made the ice warm and water (Conner)
  • When we were shaking the ice the ice started melting because of the heat flowing from our hands into the ice (Helen) Our hands got got really, really cold!
  • The ice cream melted really quickly and turned back to liquid because of all the warm air in the class - heat flowing from warm to cold (Gracie)

The ice and cream wanted to be the same temperature. Heat flows from warm to cold. The heat from the cream melted the ice (did work).

Monday, 12 May 2014

States of Matter

States of Matter

What do we know about water - 
  • hot water makes steam
  • cold water can go to ice
What are learning about water - 
  • Using marbles and a tote tray we modeled how the water molecules move in a solid, liquid and a gas.
This is how the marbles (molecules) moved:
Here is what we noticed...

Molecules move slowly

Not much energy
Molecules move medium (not fast and not slow)
Medium energy
Molecules move fast

Steam (vapour)
Lots of energy
  • Kerri asked us “is there a different way you can model how atoms move in a solid,
    liquid and a gas using your body?
    • We decided to go outside and use the netball court.
      • For a solid we all stood close together and jiggled and wiggled.
      • For a liquid we walked around in one third.
      • For a solid we ran around in two thirds.
Here is what we noticed...
We were jiggling and wiggling

We were cold

There were no collisions/crashes
We didn’t take up much much space
Not much energy was needed
We were walking slowly

We started to get warm

There were not many collisions/crashes
We needed about1/3 of the court
A medium amount of energy

We were running around, lots of moving
We got hot

There were lots of collisions/crashes
We needed lots of space, about 2/3’s of the court

We needed lots of energy to keep running fast.
We got excited

Sometimes this is a bit easier when stuff (like gold) is made up of stuff (gold atoms)
  • Gold can be a solid, a liquid or a gas (really, really hot!). The atoms of gold jiggle and wiggle as a solid, move slowly as a liquid and move quickly as a gas (just like water.)
  • question: do all solids, liquids and gases act the same?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wellbeing Survey

Hello Adventure 9, remember to complete the 

Wellbeing Survey 

this week as an independent reading activity.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

As an independent reading activity we have been learning to read and follow instructions to create a card for a special lady in our lives. We had a chat and came up with a list of people we could create for like our mum, nana, sister or aunt.
We used our new skills to help our buddies create a card. What a great time we all add and we have some beautiful cards to share with out families.

"The top of your middle finger goes here"

Heads down, thinking and concentrating

What colours do you want for you flowers?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


What is energy?
  • Energy can come from windmills (Thomas)
  • Electricity, power (Miko)
  • Energy runs through the power-lines and then it lights up your house (Gracie)
  • In lightbulbs (Juven)
  • Lightning is electricity and that is energy (Jayden)
  • Cannot be created nor destroyed (Bridget), if you run out of energy you will just die.
  • It comes from trees (Memphis) and the sun (Harriet)
  • Energy comes from food and water (Yassmine), sugar and food (Hannah)
  • Fear and stuff can give you energy (Jayden)
  • There is a ‘tank’ inside you and you use energy to move, like running, and the energy comes back when you have a drink and a rest. (Abby)
  • Energy is like a fuel that powers you (Jayden)


 What is integrity?

Integrity means
·        Doing the right thing when nobody is watching
·        Doing the right thing without being asked
·        Always being on task (integrity in my learning)
·        When you do the wrong thing or make a mistake you have to fix it own up and take responsibility.

Integrity is made up of lots of things like honesty, kindness and responsibility.

How do you show integrity when...
Mum leaves biscuits on the bench listen to mum and leave the biscuits on the bench (ask before you eat some)
Rubbish on the floor pick it up and put it in the bin (without being asked)
Hanging out in class at lunchtime you could get out because it is not the right think to be in the classroom what about if your friends are in the class, then what do you doask them to leave because it is not the right thing to do. If they dont leave then you just go and play outside.
Teacher leaves the class be responsible, do our work, carry on with our learning, quiet activities
            Act like the teacher is still in the class

What are some strategies you could use to help a friend who is not living with Integrity?

You could talk to them and tell them that integrity helps.
You could live by example, showing your friend how to do the right thing.

You could say to your friend are you living with integrity? and then say perhaps you could pick up that rubbish...

Monday, 5 May 2014


This week at school we are investigating temperature. We are looking at the temperature of different cities around the world using Ask your child to tell you about the city that they have been finding facts for.
What is your city’s maximum temperature in degrees Celcius? Is it possible for a temperature to be the same in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius?