Tuesday, 6 May 2014


What is energy?
  • Energy can come from windmills (Thomas)
  • Electricity, power (Miko)
  • Energy runs through the power-lines and then it lights up your house (Gracie)
  • In lightbulbs (Juven)
  • Lightning is electricity and that is energy (Jayden)
  • Cannot be created nor destroyed (Bridget), if you run out of energy you will just die.
  • It comes from trees (Memphis) and the sun (Harriet)
  • Energy comes from food and water (Yassmine), sugar and food (Hannah)
  • Fear and stuff can give you energy (Jayden)
  • There is a ‘tank’ inside you and you use energy to move, like running, and the energy comes back when you have a drink and a rest. (Abby)
  • Energy is like a fuel that powers you (Jayden)

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  1. Great ideas about energy Adventure 9! (Gracies mum)