Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ice cream in Adventure 9

Making Ice Cream
  • The cream (warm) is going to get cold...freeze (because the warm is going to flow to the cold)
  • The ice (solid) is going to melt.
  • The cream and Ice will end up the same temperature because everything wants to be the same.
  • We used 1 cup of milk and 1/2 a cup of cream instead of 2 cups of milk.
  • We only had about 2 cups of ice per group.
Adventure 9 are exploring Ice cream
  • The ice cream kind of looked like it was from the factory (Juven)
  • The ice cream was colder and thicker than at the start, but not as thick and solid as the ice cream you buy (Thomas)... perhaps we didn’t have enough ice.
  • The ice cream taste like frozen chocolate milk (Yassmine)
  • Some of the ice cream was still runny and some was frozen hard solid (Helen)
  • There were lumps of the ingredients in some places...perhaps we need to mix it more.
  • The cream was doing work on the ice...the cream made the ice warm and water (Conner)
  • When we were shaking the ice the ice started melting because of the heat flowing from our hands into the ice (Helen) Our hands got got really, really cold!
  • The ice cream melted really quickly and turned back to liquid because of all the warm air in the class - heat flowing from warm to cold (Gracie)

The ice and cream wanted to be the same temperature. Heat flows from warm to cold. The heat from the cream melted the ice (did work).

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