Tuesday, 6 May 2014


 What is integrity?

Integrity means
·        Doing the right thing when nobody is watching
·        Doing the right thing without being asked
·        Always being on task (integrity in my learning)
·        When you do the wrong thing or make a mistake you have to fix it own up and take responsibility.

Integrity is made up of lots of things like honesty, kindness and responsibility.

How do you show integrity when...
Mum leaves biscuits on the bench listen to mum and leave the biscuits on the bench (ask before you eat some)
Rubbish on the floor pick it up and put it in the bin (without being asked)
Hanging out in class at lunchtime you could get out because it is not the right think to be in the classroom what about if your friends are in the class, then what do you doask them to leave because it is not the right thing to do. If they dont leave then you just go and play outside.
Teacher leaves the class be responsible, do our work, carry on with our learning, quiet activities
            Act like the teacher is still in the class

What are some strategies you could use to help a friend who is not living with Integrity?

You could talk to them and tell them that integrity helps.
You could live by example, showing your friend how to do the right thing.

You could say to your friend are you living with integrity? and then say perhaps you could pick up that rubbish...


  1. Well done Adventure 9 - great ideas on integrity (Gracies mum)