Thursday, 31 July 2014

Buddy Class

What a busy start to term 3, we have changed buddies and have spent a little time getting to know each other.
The value for term 3 is mana motuhake (self awareness) so we are learning all about what helps us to be successful learners.
This is what we have been talking about:

  • Blockers are things that make it tricky for us to learn, they are like roadblocks
  • Drivers are things that help our learning, they are like petrol for our car
  • Something that is a blocker for me might be a driver for somebody else... I like sharing my ideas with the class but some people find that really tough and get shy!
  • Things can be blockers and drivers depending on what we are doing... I like sitting in the sun when I read, but it is a pain when it is shining on the screen

Here we are practising Te Reo during buddy time,
Singing songs with Linley, practising Māori vowel sounds
and telling stories with actions and words (where is the eel?)
We have a lot of fun with our learning during buddy time. We get to help our little buddies and be the teacher and our little buddies help us to think!
We are playing 'fruit salad' to help us learn the names of some fruit in Te Reo.

Buddy time is a driver of our learning!

Lightning on the Court

What a pleasure to umpire the lovely Russell Street Lightning netball team. Fabulous to see you practising your catch me if you can skills on the court and a fantastic display of sportsmanship.
Keep up the great work ladies!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Adopt a Turbo

We had a visit from Antonio Kiri Kiri on Tuesday. He answered our questions and spoke about being a professional sportsman. We have to try our best, never give up and practise!

Term 3

Can you believe that it is term 3 already? We have had a very busy start and have started our term 3 inquiry learning all about culture and choices. We are learning to use the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry model and have been practising this in reading and writing as well as inquiry.

The first step in our inquiry this term is to have a 'taster' with each of the teachers in the Ranginui team. A topic or idea is introduced and children have an opportunity to do a little 'getting it'

Adventure 9's food adventure

Why do we eat what we eat?
  • it's yummy
  • it's healthy for our bodies
  • it gives us some energy
Then we had 5 activities to do to help us "get it" and "sort it" (find and sort information)

Can we put these things and pictures into groups?

Group 1, what we use to eat, like chopsticks or our fingers
Group 2, what we cook with, like a pot or a steamer
Group 3, what we use to cook, like an oven or a hangi

Check out our sorting!

Can we match the crop with the product?
What does rice look like when it is growing? What about pasta?
What we think now...
Why do we eat what we eat?
  • it's yummy (we have different tastes)
  • it's healthy for our bodies
  • it gives us some energy
  • to try new things
  • we are unique - don't have to like the same thing, some of us like brussels sprouts, some, not so much!
  • because of tradition
  • different food grows in different countries ... because it's too hot, not enough rain, the weather

sometimes we eat what we eat because it grows where we are

Whew! What a busy time!