Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hands on Homework

In reading we have been learning about inferring, this means we are reading ‘between the lines’.
This weeks task Hands on homework was to create a Character Clue Bag.
Here are some of the awesome we Character Clue Bag created!
"Here is a poetry book because Ginny Giles
is a poet" said Thomas

Logan has glasses for Gran to use and
James has a fantastic cooking robot!

Abby has lots of hair ties so Ginny Giles
can make burgan-delicious hair styles

"Madam Spry has a magnifying glass so she can
look up real close and find clues", said Quiana

Libby has a picture of Ginny Giles'burgan-delicious' hair style 
and a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum!
Gaby has sticking plaster for poor Jenna who always seems to 
get hurt and a sword because Jenna has lots of adventures.

Max told us "Madam Spry has green jelly beans to give her energy"

Great job guys! You have thought about your characters and what types of things they like and might have.

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