Sunday, 14 September 2014

Show not tell

WALT: show not tell in our writing.

Feelings…how can I show not tell my feelings?
Kerri left the room and this is how she came in...
She stomped into the room with an expression like thunder. She yelled “come here”
Wow! She was grumpy! What were the clues? She stomped, she was growing - an 'expression like thunder' and she yelled pointing at someone...

We can describe         
  • expression (Face)
  • movements
  • voice…
Here are the success criteria we think you need to use show not tell to describe an emotion: 

“Uhhhhhghh. This is taking so long. When is it going to end” I moaned and groaned (Luke and Logan)
His face looks like he has seen a ghost as he tumbles backwards, falling to the ground (Jacob, Thomas, Sam)

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