Monday, 22 September 2014

Term 3 - Student review

Please click on the picture (it is the link) and complete the review.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Character Quote

Book:             James and the Giant Peach
By:                  Roald Dahl
Quote:           “What’s the matter with you?” Aunt Spiker screeched, glaring at him over the top of her steel spectacles.
What does this tell us/show us about Aunt Spiker?
The Famous Five Reading Group think

- Aunt Spiker is not happy, she is not very nice, she doesn’t like James – she hates him. She doesn’t want to do things for herself (lazy). She bosses James around. She is rude, unkind and vicious.

Book:             James and the Giant Peach
By:                  Roald Dahl
Quote:        They are sharks!” cried the earthworm. “I’ll bet you anything you like that they are sharks and they have come along to eat us up!
What does this tell us/show us about the earthworm?
The Peter Pan Reading Group
 – he is always grumpy and looks on the bad side (Thomas) He looks at the negatives (Libby) Things are always going to turn out bad (Jayden), He is worried that the sharks are going to eat him – a scaredy cat (Gracie/Jayden) He doesn’t like the centipede and he is worried about everything (Harriet)
The Tin Tin Reading Group
- That he knows there are sharks and he is worried, Logan. He is worried and scared – Jacob/Qwade. One of he traits might be scaredy cat – Bridget, He is telling us that there are sharks – Tom
That he is scared about things he always notices what is bad. He doesn’t think about the positive.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hands on Homework

In reading we have been learning about inferring, this means we are reading ‘between the lines’.
This weeks task Hands on homework was to create a Character Clue Bag.
Here are some of the awesome we Character Clue Bag created!
"Here is a poetry book because Ginny Giles
is a poet" said Thomas

Logan has glasses for Gran to use and
James has a fantastic cooking robot!

Abby has lots of hair ties so Ginny Giles
can make burgan-delicious hair styles

"Madam Spry has a magnifying glass so she can
look up real close and find clues", said Quiana

Libby has a picture of Ginny Giles'burgan-delicious' hair style 
and a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum!
Gaby has sticking plaster for poor Jenna who always seems to 
get hurt and a sword because Jenna has lots of adventures.

Max told us "Madam Spry has green jelly beans to give her energy"

Great job guys! You have thought about your characters and what types of things they like and might have.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hands on Homework

Hands on homework 
In reading we have been learning about inferring, this means we are reading ‘between the lines’.
This weeks task is to create a Character Clue Bag. Have a think about the main character in the story you are reading and to use your imagination to create or collect some things that are relevant to your character. Place your items in  the bag provided.
You might include photos or pictures of the place your character comes from, items that give clues as to what your character likes to do…

(This is like creating an ‘all about me’ bag for your character)

Show not tell

WALT: show not tell in our writing.

Feelings…how can I show not tell my feelings?
Kerri left the room and this is how she came in...
She stomped into the room with an expression like thunder. She yelled “come here”
Wow! She was grumpy! What were the clues? She stomped, she was growing - an 'expression like thunder' and she yelled pointing at someone...

We can describe         
  • expression (Face)
  • movements
  • voice…
Here are the success criteria we think you need to use show not tell to describe an emotion: 

“Uhhhhhghh. This is taking so long. When is it going to end” I moaned and groaned (Luke and Logan)
His face looks like he has seen a ghost as he tumbles backwards, falling to the ground (Jacob, Thomas, Sam)